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Blindness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder:
Tuscany’s Story

Tuscany started out in the NTSRI program with the name "Stevie Wonder." He was discovered by a realtor, abandoned with another dog in the back yard of a house where the family had moved out, left with a pile of moldy food and brackish water and nothing else.  If this wasn't bad enough, the situation became even more tragic when it was discovered that he was blind!  

NTSRI had labeled Tuscany as a "special needs" dog, due to his blindness.  However, Tuscany himself had other ideas.  He would agree with the "special" part, but he certainly would have begged to differ about the "needs" part! There was nothing at all "needy" about the way he sashayed around, first at the foster home where he spent 13 months, and later in his forever home.  He was quite adept at getting around, and many people probably would not even realize that he was blind.  When the perfect forever home finally materialized, they treated him like one of the family and gave him his elegant name, Tuscany.  We are so grateful that Tuscany was able to spend several years in a home full of all of the love and luxury that he so richly deserved.

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