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Sammy Tales

Snow: The Ultimate Survivor

Snow was a brood bitch in a puppy mill in Kansas for most of her life.  When the puppy mill was finally shut down, North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc. was able to get her transported to Dallas.  She had a severe case of advanced heartworms -- so bad that the veterinarian was not sure if she would survive the treatment!  With the tenacity so common in this breed, however, Snow did indeed recover.  

As soon as she was well enough, NTSRI placed her in what we thought would be her "forever" home. Unfortunately, the couple who adopted her decided to retire a year or so later and also decided that they did not want Snow to share their golden years with them. She grieved for her lost family - the first one she'd ever known - for quite some time.  

But finally Snow found her "forever" home for sure!  She was adopted by a couple who specifically sought out an older Sammy to join their family of one other Samoyed, a Malamute, three cats and a parrot.  Snow had the run of a fabulous house with fenced-in yard, plenty of playmates, and all of the love and attention she could possibly desire.

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