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Bitten, But Not Beaten:  Sasha’s Story

Sasha was rescued from an animal shelter.  When the NTSRI volunteer went to pick him up, the shelter employee just "happened" to mention that he had a tumor on his neck. The volunteer noticed that the "tumor" was bleeding profusely, and the dog emitted a very strong, unpleasant smell.  

An immediate trip to the vet was definitely in order, and it was this quick action on the part of the NTSRI volunteer that saved his life!  The "tumor" turned out to be a series of BITES that encircled Sasha's neck almost completely; he had apparently been attacked by a pack of dogs.  These bites were severely infected, and the tissue was dying.  Only the tender loving care of another NTSRI volunteer, who administered antibiotics and daily dermabrasion of the wounds, pulled him through.  

Throughout the painful treatment, Sasha remained good-natured, grateful it would seem, for the help he was getting.  He even voluntarily stepped into the tub every day for the painful dermabrasion bathing. Today, as you can see, Sasha lives in the lap of luxury, surrounded by a loving family in his "forever" home.  The "smile" on his face in the picture above, right, is all the reward NTSRI volunteers need.

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