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Everyone wants his or her dog to have good manners!  One of the first things that our volunteer foster caregivers do for Samoyeds in NTSRI’s program is evaluate each rescued Samoyed for temperament and behavior.  Caregivers will then work with the dog to teach him basic obedience commands. Samoyeds are extremely bright and will typically pick up on these very fast.


Lynn Sluder, NTSRI’s president, is extremely knowledgeable about obedience.  She owned Natasha, the first Samoyed ever to earn a UD (Utility Dog – the ultimate title in obedience competition).  Lynn has held basic obedience classes for owners of NTSRI’s former rescued Samoyeds and has indicated that she would be willing to do so again, subject to the amount of interest in such a class from our “forever families.”  

While basic obedience training will forge a bond with your Samoyed and make him a joy to have by your side, you might also want to compete in obedience trials and earn titles with your dog.  The American Kennel Club offers a wide range of titles your dog can earn.  You can obtain a Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege for your rescued Samoyed, in order to do so.


Nevertheless, it is important for you and your new family member to forge a bond, and for the rescued Samoyed to learn from you what is expected of him.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that you and your dog attend basic obedience classes.  These classes are widely available. A Google search on the internet should render numerous results, and you can pick a class convenient to you in both time and location.

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