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At Long Last, Love: Tasha’s Story

Before coming into North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.'s program, Nellie (now Tasha) had spent the previous five years of her life in an outdoor kennel run, at a place that billed itself as an “animal sanctuary” but was anything but!  During transport to her foster home, she discovered for the first time the pure ecstasy of air-conditioning; she planted her nose in the nearest A/C vent and kept it there for the entire journey!

At first, she was terrified of the other dogs in her foster home, cowering in the farthest corner of her crate whenever they came anywhere near her. Eventually, however, the patience of her foster "mom" paid off, as Tasha realized that she had nothing to fear. Over the course of several weeks, she was gradually introduced to the other dogs in the household. Eventually, Tasha went from "wallflower" to "social butterfly," as she and her "roommates" became fast friends and enjoyed energetic romps together.

Tasha found her "forever" family in a very loving couple who had previous experience in being owned by a Samoyed. In her new home, she has discovered the tiled entryway with the A/C vent that blows directly on it, and this is "her" special spot. Her best buddy (besides her humans, of course) is the cat that shares her home. Daily walks and practice with obedience commands have replaced the lonely hours in a kennel run, and Tasha is blossoming, her Samoyed spirit fully restored thanks to the love of her new family.

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