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Sammy Tales

From Alaska To Texas, Then On To Arkansas:
Sonoma’s Story

Sonoma started out life in Alaska and was then known as Bailey.  She and her sister, Glory, accompanied their owner to Colorado, where, for reasons that remain a mystery to us, they were summarily abandoned in a shelter several years later.

By this time, the two girls were senior Sams (we like to call them “Silver Sammies”), and their prospects for rehoming were bleak, due to their age.  A so-called “rescuer” did transport them to Texas, but rather than this being the beginning of a “happily ever after” for them, they found themselves in even more dire straits.  

The “rescuer” proceeded to dump them in a “foster” home that already had more than one hundred other dogs and cats!!!  It is debatable whether the “rescuer” was aware of this fact, but it is no mystery that some months later, the house was raided by the SPCA, and a total of 108 dogs and cats were seized.   Of these, 14 were Samoyeds.

Glory had already succumbed to the filth and neglect of the house of horrors.  Bailey, however, was more fortunate. Through its partnership with the SPCA of Texas, North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc. was able arrange the return of many of the Sammies to their breeders.  Those that could not be returned to breeders, for various reasons, were rehomed by NTSRI.  Bailey was in that group.  

It was at this point that Bailey’s fortunes took a turn for the better!  She received much-needed medical care and was treated to a bath to remove the filth. And it only got better for her from there, as a wonderful couple in Arkansas wanted to make her their very own.

And so it came to pass that Bailey became Sonoma, much loved family member and queen of all she surveyed!  Her long nightmare was at last over, and her “happily ever after” finally came to pass.

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