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Samoyeds were bred to sled!  The Samoyede people of Siberia were a nomadic tribe, and their Samoyed dogs helped them transport their belongings from place to place.  At the turn of the twentieth century, exploratory expeditions to the Arctic utilized Samoyeds as sled dogs, also.

Perhaps the most famous sledding race in the world is the Iditarod.  You probably won’t see man, if any, Sammies in this competition, however, since Samoyeds are better suited to sprints or mid-distance courses.  You can find more information about sledding on the Organization For The Working Samoyed, International Sled Dog Racing Association, or International Federation Of Sledding Sports websites.

Sledding really isn’t an option here in Texas, where there’s almost never enough snow to make a decent snowman, let alone sled on it!  Instead, we get creative and go carting!  The principle is the same, but the Sams pull a wheeled cart instead of a sled.  Training and the special harnesses needed for the Samoyeds are pretty much the same as those needed for sledding.

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