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If you have a vehicle, some gasoline in the tank, and a bit of time, North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc. would love for you to volunteer to transport for us! Sometimes, the difference between saving a Samoyed’s life and having to leave him to his fate at the shelter depends upon whether anyone is available to transport the Sammy from wherever he is located to our home base in Dallas.  


You don’t even have to be local to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (although we often need local volunteers, as well).  NTSRI gets calls from animal shelters throughout the state of Texas, especially from Houston and San Antonio.  In addition to Texas, NTSRI works with animal shelters in four other states:  Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Kansas.  NTSRI will work directly with the shelter (most of which already have our 501(c)3 and other credentials on file), and we will alert them that you’re coming.  With all the preliminary work done by NTSRI, it should be an easy process for you to claim the dog and be on your way.  While we cannot afford to reimburse for travel or other incidental expenses that may be incurred, we will ensure that any fees charged by the shelter are paid by NTSRI.

We never know when the need might arise for a road trip, but we are always grateful when someone steps forward and volunteers to make it.  Often, we can arrange to shorten the trip somewhat by meeting the volunteer at some mutually agreed-upon halfway point. (McDonald’s restaurants are our “stand-by” meeting point, because they are present in virtually every small town!)

In addition to transport of rescued Samoyeds from shelters to NTSRI’s home base, we also sometimes need help in getting rescued Sammies to their vet or grooming appointments.  These are all local trips.  As you can no doubt appreciate, it is a true godsend to us when we have someone available who can help us with these transports, as well.

If you think you might be interested in helping us transport from time to time, please contact us, so that we can put your name on our volunteer list.

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