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Sammy Tales

Special Delivery From Santa:
Stormy's Story

This Christmas story actually starts in the middle of a blistering summer. Stormy's former owners were moving cross-country in an un-air-conditioned van so packed with stuff that Stormy could not even sit or lie down.  Stormy had the misfortune to become heat- and car-sick, and he found himself summarily jettisoned - like an empty soda can or a crumpled candy wrapper - at the halfway point of his family's journey. Unknown to him at the time was the fact that he did have the tiny sliver of luck to be dumped in one of the five states where NTSRI actively rescues Samoyeds!  Before his abandonment probably even had time to sink in, NTSRI volunteers were on the road, making the hours-long trip to rescue him and get him into foster care.

A few months later came the most remarkable part of Stormy's story: In an event unprecedented in our history, NTSRI was contacted by Santa himself!  A little girl on his list was asking for a Sammy for Christmas, and Stormy would fit the bill to a tee. Arrangements were made for Santa to make a stop to pick Stormy up from his foster mom and deliver him on Christmas morning. Perhaps the rest of the story is best told by the lucky little girl's dad:

"Everybody but Sara was wide-awake, and Stormy was beginning to make himself at home. We led him into the room where she was sleeping, and he jumped up on the bed and started playing with her.

"'What the heck! Is that a dog?' she said.  When she knew she wasn't dreaming, she came unglued. 'He is the best present ever!'

"Trouble was, the tree was full of gifts and all of the other stuff that Santa had dropped off. She had a hard time getting excited about anything else.

"Stormy was instantly a part of the family. He sleeps on Sara’s bed or at least in her room at night, and he stays crated during the day when nobody’s home. We have had a few incidents when he has reminded us that we were not putting things away. But he hasn’t had a single accident in the house, and he doesn’t bark unless he needs his belly rubbed. He plays wonderfully and is an excellent talker.

"Thanks to all of you who rescued this precious little man."

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