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Agility may well be one of the most action-packed and fast-paced of all dog sports.  Samoyeds typically love it.  It is done off-leash, with the handler giving encouragement and commands to keep the dog progressing along the course.


The AKC does not allow dogs under 15 months of age to compete in trials, but training in the basics of agility can begin before that.  In the North Texas area, where NTSRI is based, there are many training facilities and clubs available.  What A Great Dog in Frisco is a great example, with an indoor training facility, classes and regularly scheduled competitions throughout the year.  

For more information, check out the American Kennel Club or Organization For The Working Samoyed websites.


Agility consists of the dog maneuvering through an obstacle course that includes such things as jumps (vertical as well as broad jumps), pole weaving, tunnels and chutes, an elevated walk platform, a see-saw, and a tire jump.  In competitions, classes are divided according to the jump height (proportionate to the dog’s height, which is measured at the withers) and the dog’s expertise.  The goal is to complete the course as quickly, and with as few errors, as possible.

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