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Fritz & Sophie

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Reunited, And It Feels So Good!
Fritz And Sophie's Story

We're convinced that sometimes fate steps in to help our rescued Sams.  Several years ago, a loving mother contacted NTSRI.  She was trying desperately to find a Samoyed for her son.  Their beloved Sammy had recently passed away from cancer, and Mom had been unsuccessful in finding a Samoyed puppy to help ease her son's inconsolable grief over the loss. She spotted our website just as she was about to give up hope.

The timing of her call to NTSRI couldn't have been more perfect --  not only for the humans, but also for two very deserving Samoyeds.  It happened that NTSRI president Lynn Sluder had been contacted that very day by a man who was ill and could no longer keep his two Sams.  Since the man lived fairly close to the Mom, Lynn put her directly in touch with him.

Says Mom, "We went over that night, and he only wanted a home for the female.  She did not look like a Sammy to me...She was gray and matted - scrawny, too - but she jumped in our car.  We took her home and left our phone number in case he changed his mind about the male.

"As soon as we got home, we bathed Sophie, and she miraculously turned white! She immediately jumped in bed with our son, and we had one happy boy and one happy Sammy.

"Six weeks later, the man called to come and get the male, and Sophie was reunited with her brother, Fritz.  The dogs made themselves at home.  We took them to the vet for their first-ever shots.  With proper nutrition, their coats grew in shiny and white.

"Now, we need a bed that is bigger than king-size. Two Sammies (78 pounds each) and Mom and Dad - I am not sure we all fit!"

Like we said, sometimes fate steps in...

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