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Lucky: Everyone Who Came In Contact With Him Was Lucky

When Don Taylor's son contacted NTSRI about getting a Samoyed for his elderly, recently widowed father, NTSRI President Lynn Sluder did not think that Lucky, a rescue from a local D/FW shelter, would be the right one.  "He was huge and powerful," Lynn said, "I thought Lucky was just too much dog for Don."  A visit to Don's San Antonio home only made Lynn more apprehensive.  "There were covers on the dining room chairs with little bows on them, lots of knick-knacks and feminine touches from Don's late wife.  I could just see Lucky plowing in there and wreaking havoc," says Lynn.  But the persistence of Don's son, who begged Lynn to let his father have the dog, won out, and Lucky came to live with him.  Lynn now admits, "It was the best decision I ever made!"

Lucky and Don hit it off immediately!  They started taking long walks together, and for the first time, Don met his neighbors and the neighbors would greet them on their regular rounds.  When Don felt that he could no longer keep up with Lucky on the walks, he bought a motorized chair, so that their daily "constitutionals" could continue.  Also, Don and Lucky enrolled in a variety of different training and obedience classes.  By the time Lucky graduated from these, he was a Certified Therapy Dog.  The dynamic duo then began regular visits to nursing homes and senior citizen centers in the area, becoming a much-anticipated and regular sight.

It eventually became necessary for Don himself to enter a retirement center.  Normally, this would have meant that a wrenching decision would have to be made to separate him from his beloved Lucky.  However, because of Lucky's status as a Certified Therapy Dog, he was welcomed into the retirement center and resided there with his best buddy, Don.

"Having Lucky extended our Dad's life and gave him a reason to live," say Don's children -- proof positive to NTSRI that our rescue efforts not only save the lives of deserving Sammies, but also enrich the lives of those who adopt them!

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