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Sammy Tales

The Princess Diary of Lacey

One evening some years ago, NTSRI's president received a telephone call from another rescue group.  They had rescued Lacey, only to find out that she had something very wrong with her back legs; she could barely walk at all.  The other rescue group did not have the funds available to diagnose and treat Lacey's problem, so NTSRI agreed to take on the task.  

It was discovered that the cruciate ligaments in both of Lacey's back legs had been torn, one more severely than the other.  The only solution was for her to undergo an expensive surgery on each of the legs, with an 8-10 week recovery period between the operations.

Through the generosity of Sam Urgency, a not-for-profit organization in Michigan that specialized in providing funds for major medical expenses of rescued Samoyeds, Lacey was able to have her surgeries and made a full recovery.

During her more than 6 months of recuperation, Lacey stole the hearts of all who came in contact with her.  She had a habit of wiggling from head to toe to show her joy, and a soft little Sammy "woo" that was so endearing!

Only one very special adoptive family could have the honor of giving her her forever home, of course, and NTSRI found the perfect one.  As you can see from the pictures above, she became their pampered princess, as they lavished upon her all the love that she could ever want.

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