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Adoption Policy


Saving the lives of these wonderful dogs is only the beginning of North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.'s mission.  Our ultimate goal is to see them placed in loving forever homes where both the dog and its adoptive family can live "happily ever after."  To this end, we make every effort to find the best fit of rescued Sammy with adoptive home.  Except in very rare instances, unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of NTSRI, the adopters must reside no more than 250 miles from our home base in Dallas, Texas.

Each rescued Samoyed that enters our program is immediately examined by a veterinarian and treated for any medical problems that may exist.  The dog is also vaccinated, placed on heartworm preventative, and microchipped for identification purposes.  Intact dogs that come into NTSRI's rescue program are spayed or neutered. NTSRI does not allow intact dogs to be adopted under any circumstances. Each dog is then placed in foster care with an NTSRI volunteer, who evaluates the dog for personality and behavioral traits.

Prospective adopters are required to complete NTSRI's Adoption Application. The information on the application helps us to determine which, if any, of the dogs in our program best fits your preferences, lifestyle and home environment.  After we receive and review your Adoption Application, we will be in a position to set up an appointment for you to meet with us, interact with the dog(s) and interview the foster caregiver.  This initial visit will be done on our premises.  Before an adoption can be finalized, NTSRI requires that a second visit, to the prospective adopter's home, be made by an NTSRI volunteer.

Once you have chosen a rescued Samoyed (or the Sammy has chosen you!), our standard Rescue Adoption Agreement (different from the initial Application) must be signed.  A requested adoption donation of $250 helps to defray NTSRI's costs. On average, NTSRI's actual expenditure for each dog we rescue is $400-600.  So, as you can see, your adoption donation covers only a small portion of what we actually spend; however, it does help us to continue saving Samoyed lives.

For more detailed information on our adoption policy, contact us at

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