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From Hard Luck to Lucky: Leia’s Story

It's not often that North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc. has puppies in its program. Most dogs that are rescued from shelters or surrendered to NTSRI by their owners are adults. In the case of Leia, a "single mom" with four puppies, NTSRI found itself in a very different situation, however.

Leia and her four ten-week-old puppies, products of a "backyard breeder,"  ended up in a shelter, because they managed to escape their yard once too often. The owner opted to leave them at the shelter, rather than "bail" them out. When NTSRI learned of their plight, some of the puppies were already exhibiting symptoms of Bordatella, also known as "kennel cough." In the shelter world, a sick puppy isn't treated; it's put down! So, time was of the essence to get Leia and her babies out of there as quickly as possible.

NTSRI successfully rescued Leia and her family and got everyone over the kennel cough. Next came Leia’s spay surgery. Complications ensued, and she nearly bled to death! If it had not been for a life-saving blood transfusion, Leia probably would not have lived to see her babies again.  

Fortunately, the transfusion and a second, emergency surgery saved her life, and she is now fine and in a loving, forever home. All of the puppies also found homes with families, most with children, who adore them. It's a very happy ending that could well have been a tragedy instead.

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